What are the Terms of Service ?
If your site has been deleted it has violated our terms of service which are. In order for all users to enjoy our service and keep us running smoothly we have a few simple rules. If you cannot follow these rules please find a different service with which to host your site. No adult (porn sites) of any kind will be allowed on our service. No warez (sites that contain illegal file downloads) sites will be allowed on our service. No sites exploiting children under the age of 18. Including modeling sites of young children. No sites containing illegal music files (mp3 or other) will be allowed on our service. FREE sites used primarily for storage will be removed from our servers. This is site hosting, not file storage. If you would like to store files, you may do so with any of our paid hosting packages (Bronze, Silver, or Gold). 0catch.com reserves the right to remove any site for the above stated reasons, and will use its own understanding of the above rules to determine what constitutes a breach of our terms of service. By signing up for our service you agree to the above.