I have an index file but it does not show up or receive a No Index File error.
Your index.html file cannot contain capital letters. It is case sensitive and must appear as index.html. It must be in the / directory to work. CREATING AN index.html FILE Your index.html file is the first file you should create or transfer to your new web site. When your domain name is typed into a web browser, like Explorer or Firefox, your browser then searches for the index.html or index.htm file. For example, http://www.0catch.com is really http://www.0catch.com/index.html. The server knows that you really want the index.html file. If no index file exists, this page will continue to be displayed until an index.htm or index.html file is created. The easiest way to create an index.html file is to log into your account by going to http://www.0catch.com and inserting your user name and password which will log you into our USER MANAGER page. Click on the FILE MANAGER icon and then choose the JAVA SCRIPT FILE MANAGER icon. On the left side of the FILE MANAGER page you should see a directory tree of your site. Click on the CREATE button on the ACTION BAR at the top of the page. This will prompt you for a file name. Insert index.html into the NAMED field and click on create. This will bring up the HTML EDITOR. You can now copy and paste an index page you have already created or simply modify the default page in the HTML EDITOR. Once you have changed the code to fit your needs you can then scroll down and click on SAVE CHANGES. You now have an index.html file and when you load your page you should see the changes you made.