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Full Version: I lost access to my username and password
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Or they are not working. Sorry for the provocative title, but the username is and the password is j1o2n3a4. I attempted to log in several times and the url and password are correct but no dice. Thank you.
This is just a guess but, I think your site was shut down by 0catch because of the URL. The site behind that URL could be perfectly innocent, but I don't think anyone is willing to take that chance. To learn more information about this try opening a problem ticket using the 0catch Tech Support Form.


Hey Moore,
I have read your problem according to me you can change your username password by requesting to moderators or otherwise make new id or what.dont think more on it.enjoy posting.

You may have read the problem, but I don't think you understand it. You are also responding to a post that is almost a year old. In that time, either the original poster has solved his problem or he has moved on.

No, the moderators for this forum can not change your user ID or password. Moderators have no access to user accounts. Any adjustments like that needs to be handled by the administrators and can be requested through a trouble ticket.
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