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Full Version: help me
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hi there can someone please make me a simple website that i can build on and put sum adds on.

please i rely need help
Hi. Are you subscribed to a server? What size of web-page do you wish to upload? Do you wish to use images (JPG, etc). You may look at my site and see if there is anything that is similiar to what you would like to have placed in yours. My URL is: -- Click on this link, or simply copy and pase this "http..." into the address bar of your web page viewer (brouser). I'll help if I can.
Hi Zane,

There are many free web templates you can download from the web and adjust to your needs. If you are new to this you can use an online web builder that may have a small cost but gives you a professional look for around $5.00 per month, this will also give you hosting.


The best why is to try a learn a bit of HTML programming (Hypertext Markup Language) this is the basic web programming tools and you can use MS notepad you create a page if you don’t have any other software.

Here are a coupe of sites where you can download free templates

Here is a site that can help you with HTML
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