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Full Version: How do I set up my POP3 Email Accounts?
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Pop 3 email accounts are offered to paid accounts.

To create your email accounts, please log into you account "User Mananger" and click on "Email Accounts".

You will see a page that looks like this:

Enter the email addresses you would like and click on "Create New Email Address"


How to send and recieve your POP3 email?

Now that you have created your email accounts, you need to set up a mail client, such as "Outlook Express" or "Eudora".

Set up information for your mail client:

1) Username: your full email address. Example:

2) Password: The password you chose for this email account.

3) Incoming Mail Server: The "Email Accounts" page above is where you will find your incoming mail server, after logging into your account. will work for all accounts if you are having trouble finding your incoming mail server.

4) Outgoing Mail Server: Your outgoing mail server is through your ISP. If you currently have a pop 3 mail account already working, you can use the same outgoing mail server, or contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider),and they will give you the proper outgoing mail server.
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