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Full Version: dead? / Poor costumer service
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Since 2004 I have hosted a prominent music related website on

Over the recent years I have found it to become a frustrating experience. First there were garbage advertisers, ads that made code display incorrectly (or ads that had badly written code), but I learned to kind of accept that.

Then started going down. It would go down without notice, for days or even a week, come back up and still not provide an explination. An internet search would show similar complaints from other users.

Now I've about reached the end. These passed five months, the provider has gone down for almost a month, and now it's been down for two months. I ping it, and I can still get a reply from, but my site is not there (and yes, I have checked other sites hosted by them -- everything is down).

Three e-mails have gone ignored. Two to and another to what I assume it the parent company, (the help forum here was always linked to this forum page). The message board for users to ask and get answers, has no info' to help, so that's useless. It's like nobody on any end of wants to let people know what's going on.

Right now my only hope, since I don't have all the pages backed up, is that the site will come back up since I can still ping it so it isn't gone yet. Even as a free user, they should care; people with paid sites that do commerce, are screwed; most of the sites have fallen out of a Google search (and Google cache's are going bye-bye, too), so even if they come back up tomorrow, other damage is being done; pages on the net that link to pages hosted on, are being edited since it appears they don't exist anymore, so that's a headache, too; and companies doing free advertising on, aren't making any money. This goes beyond simply not responding to somebody with a free site.

So now I am on the hunt for another free website host provider. I didn't leave, left me. And didn't bother letting me (or anybody else) know at any point before, during, and after, on their main page or the help forum here.
Well, I guess I have my answer two months later: simply don't care and can't be bothered to answer e-mails or try to rectify the situation for all of the users.
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