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Full Version: Domain Name Servers Propagating IP?
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Hello, everyone,

My website is and it's domain is being managed by ( . It seems to work fine as a host: . But, the domain name servers appear to be propagating the wrong ip in its redirection. I sent an e-mail in to the 150m guys. Also, it just suddenly happening, probably around midnight, but the redirection did not fail because I changed any of the settings. The domain provider so far appears to be operational.

If anyone else is having the same problem or knows the solution, please, let me know. Thank you, I appreciate anyone's help.
Nevermind, it's back to working now. Been checking every few minutes for a few hours. All is good now, thank you!
When I do a WhoIs check, it says your domain is registered with Not That is the same place I have my domains and the WhoIs response looks the same as yours. Same registrar, same primary and secondary name servers.

But when I tried to use your domain, the domain would not resolve. So I tried my own, and the same thing happened. I went looking around through my stat counter, which is separate from "", but there didn't seem to be any loss in activity. One of my sites receives 600 to 700 hits a day, and there didn't seem to be any interruptions since June 25, when "" was down for about 15 hours.

Anyway, after looking around a while, all of a sudden my domain name responded correctly. So I went back and tried yours, and it worked too. Maybe your message finally got through to the "" management.
Actually, this error is happening again.

And, you were right: my domain is through GoDaddy, but apparently registered it for me. However, that means my domain is being managed technically by GoDaddy, whereas the nameservers are managed by 150m. It's more likely that the error is in the nameservers.
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