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Full Version: scripting problem
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I'm attempting, in Javascript, to open a new page to enter an amount, then return to the original page to

accept and use the data. The original page is found at & the

new window is at . Anyone want to take a look?
The best site that I found on that subject is Free Working with Pop Ups and Browser Windows in JavaScript. The author take it step by step on how to get data from one window to another and then visa versa. I have never really needed to use that capability, but it's nice to know that I can.

Using the information on that site, I configures a couple of files that move data back and forth. The scripting is very similar to the scripting you were using.


You should be able to view the source code.
Thanks Martin
If you go to you'll see a report. It does all the calculations correctly and gives me the info I need but then if a tenant actually pays, I need to be able to enter the amount paid and print out the date. How can I do this?
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