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Full Version: emerging javascript program
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I'm looking for help from Javascript users as I'm trying to learn the hard way.
I programmed in several languages before the "PC" days and I would love to be able to use RPG now but I'm trying to learn Javascript - whew!
I'm going to create and use a database file (learning PHP & MYSQL) if I can get this program off the ground.
If you go to , you will see what I've been trying to accomplish.
All the links in the home page are information pages except the one I'm floundering over, the Prerent report. ( there's a link to the
prerent report page)
Looking at the report:
The deposit# is something I only anticipate using in the future , the apartment# will only accept numbers even though I called it "Name" . Everything seems to work except that column 9 ( $ Due) isn't correct in line 3. Tenant Pay should be rent + prev bal + misc. $ Due should be Tenant pay - Hud pay. The way that came to mind for telling this program that I'm actually going to make a payment is something like . If the date is later than the 5th, I want to add $10 to the $ Due (Total_Val?). The program, right now prints the date for all the records. I want to print the date
only if a payment is made. If the payment == $ Due, I want to clear the prev bal & misc. If the payment < $ Due, I want to clear misc and place the difference in prev bal. I know I have to somehow add a payment field.
If anyone can help me with just a part of this problem - well, sooner or later I'll whittle this down.
Would someone look at the code in my program at . I need to make the "amt paid" column an input field and then make changes to other fields if the "amt paid" field is Not " " (?). Thanks in advance.
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