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Full Version: Attention Users
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. is a partner of and as such has been hosted by 0catch. The owner of has migrated some of the 150m accounts to a different system. This has effected the ability to FTP into your account to make changes. They are currently working on this issue to get it resolved. If you find that when you try to login at and you are getting an error message saying your account does not exist or may have been deleted but can still be viewed when you type in your site name, you will need to contact in order to receive help with your issue. 150m is planning on sending an email to their customers explaining the transition. When you login at 150m you will notice 2 areas to login at. If you have a paid account or domain at and have a problem please contact us at All other support requests for 150m users will need to be directed to
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