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Full Version: Firefox problems
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I created a newsletter that I'm pretty happy with especially since I've never been able to do this before. The problem is, if someone views it on Firefox, it gets all jumbled up. This seems to happen only with Firefox. I've put so much time in learning this and creating it, I want all users to be able to see it properly.

Is there anything that can be done about this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

My site is

Hi Vinny,

I don’t visit the forum much these days but I have received help here in the past so I try and repay a bit by giving some advice.

Some browsers can be a problem. What works within a Inter explorer may not necessarily work in other browsers. Some basic html code can perform differently </p> <p> <br> to name a few. Also browsers seem to have regular updates and what may have worked in and earlier version my not work in later versions.
When designing site pages it is a good idea first to draw a brief sketch on the layout and what the page is going to contain. Your news letter contains a number of tables some of with a set to absolute predefined sizes and viewing the scrip in a professional web creation program shows that a number of these overlap or are allowed to overlap.

In order to get you newsletter to work in the main browers IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Crome you will need to re-write the page. If you are not sure with table ( and this is only one way of creating your page) look here

Also you can test your created web page in a number of browsers and browser version fairly quickly by using this site:

Sorry there is no quick fix here for you but most of us have had these problems in the past and I would put these down to a learning curve.
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