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Full Version: A Bravepage User
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In the annoucements section I read the information provided to those who signed up their domain names through Since I registered my domain name through them, I logged onto Bravenet and accessed my Bravepages account to find out how to log on to my domain name administrative account. Since there wasn't any way to do so, I contacted Bravenet tech support. They responded by telling me I need to contact 0Catch. So here I am.
I believe I read your posting on Bravenet's "Service Help Forum". I answer design questions under a different name on their forums. Bravenet was correct in sending you to 0catch.

When Bravenet first started out, they were a partner with 0catch. But they decided to break out on their own. When they partnered with 0catch, they used the subdomain of "". When they went off on their own, they left the subdomain name and started "" and used "bravehost" as a subdomain name for their users. There was quite a bit of confusion at the time of the switch, and users still pop up many years later.

I am not a 0catch administrator. I only manage their forum and answer questions as best I can. Even if I was a 0catch admin, this is a domain issue, not a hosting issue.

From what I can tell, your domain name was originally registered with Bravenet. But it looks like they passed your registration off to "". That is the same place that my domain names are registered, and is also where 0catch sends users. I really hate to pass you on to some one else, but in order to manage your domain name, you need to log in at "". If you point your browser at "", the login area at the top has a dropdown where you can retrieve your Customer Account Information. They use account numbers, rather than user names. If you select "Retrieve Customer Number" you will be asked for your domain name. They should send this information to the email address on your domain registration, which is the same one you used to register on this forum. Once you have the Customer Number, you may need to go through the process again, to now recover/change your password. But overall, this should be a short process.
After I read the replies at Bravenet's "Service Help Forum" I made my first visit ever to just to see if I could get anywhere there. I tried to retrieve my customer number by giving my domain name, but only received the message "Validation Error! - Invalid Customer"

I'm at a loss as to what to do next.
Success! It turns out Bravenet had the information I needed all along and they FINALLY gave it to me!
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