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Full Version: Uploading HTML files
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When I upload HTML files from my computer to my web site (, via the File Manager, it turns into incomprehensible jumble when it is viewed on the web. When I attempt to edit it, it shows jumble similar to this (I'm not sure about capital/lowercase thorn or Y, but otherwise, it's correct): Ÿþ>

Of course, when you copy the actual HTML code into the editor, it will show up absolutely fine, so I have no problem getting the pages on the web. I merely want to cut out that step from uploading my files. What is the problem here?

Jonas Rand
I use the HTML File Manager to upload files on a regular basis, and never had any problem with the files.

What are you using to create your web pages? Do you have an example of the bad page that we can view?

The only thing, that I can think of, is that you uploaded a file other than a HTML file. Many web page design packages create proprietary files that are not intended to be used on web site. They usually have some kind of export or publish function that generates the required HTML/CSS files.

You can also use FTP to get your files to your web site. You can download FileZilla from "" for free. With a FTP tool, you can transfer multiple files/folders to and from your web site. Although, some ISPs and routers block FTP access.
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