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Full Version: Bravepages Users
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For users that have signed up their domain names through, we are experiencing problems with the domain name which has not resolved yet in our system. This is causing problems with the sites not being able to be viewed and also with email. We were fairly certain that the issue would take care of itself within a few days. This has not been the case. Because we are unsure of how long it will take for the changes to to propagate and reflect the correct information we are providing a work around for this problem.

If your domain name is not viewable and your email is not working it's likely the name servers for your domain are set to,

To fix this problem you need to change the name servers to,
(those are numerical zeros)

To make those changes you will need to log into your domain name administrative account. This can be found through the company you registered your domain name with. That is where you will be able to make the changes to the name servers.
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