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Full Version: Webpages Not In Project? (SOLVED)
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Hey! I'm currently using the Page Wizard to create my website (I'm a free user, by the way), and everything was going fine until I tried putting up my website. Here's what happened:

I was publishing a Downloads page and a Home page. After that worked fine, I tested it out. It was good, except you had to type: for it to come up. You couldn't simply type the "/home" and it'd work. You have to add the ".html" at the end. Since this was happening, I renamed my Home webpage to simply "home" instead of "home.html," and the same thing with my Downloads webpage. It worked great!

Unfortunately, whenever I open the Page Wizard now, I cannot edit those webpages in the project because it can only open up .html files. It doesn't show them as webpages under the project name. It keeps telling me that there are no authorized files under the project. I've looked in my HTML File Manager, and all of my files are there. I don't know how to transfer them to the project folder in the Page Wizard. I know how to transfer the files from folder to folder, but no matter which folder I put them in, they still don't appear in the project folder on the Page Wizard.

Can anyone please help me out? I don't want to lose all of my hard work.
It sounds like you have come to 0catch from another hosting service. Some of them let you use "home.html" as a default home page. 0catch uses a more common configuration.

On 0catch, when a visitor enters your URL in a web browser, the server looks for a file named "index.html" or "index.htm". If that's the case, all you would need to use would be "". You don't need to specify the start page. If neither "index.html" or "index.htm" exists, the server will generate a error page. The rest of your pages can be named almost anything else, as long as the extension is ".html" or ".htm".

When you specify a URL with a name at the end, like your "" example, the server expects "home" to be a directory. It then looks in that directory for a file named "index.html" or "index.htm". You can, in fact, have multiple directories, each with their own separate "index.html" or "index.htm" files. Then, you only have to specify the directory name at the end of your URL.

I recommend that you change your "home" page to "index.html". This should let the Page Wizard see the file. Without the extension, access to your site may not work for all browsers and browser configurations.

Further, when you are naming files, try to stay away from file names with spaces or funny characters and pay attention to upper/lower case. The web server is running Linux, which is Unix based. Unix based systems are not fond of odd characters in the file name. They are also sensitive to Upper/Lower case characters. So if you named a file "Page_1.html", but specified it in a link as "page_1.html", it might generate a "file not found error".
EDIT: I just remade my site almost exactly the same. Thanks for all of your help!
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