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Full Version: Causing multiple computers to crash?
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Hey i have a serious question about my website becuase my computer recently crashed. Can my site transfer viruses and bad things over into computers that access the site. Not only did my computer crash, but my friends computer also crashed (also checked the website), and neighbors computer crashed, all with the same problems. We keep getting ads and and it seemed to download a dialer which makes it reload every five seconds. The site is Please help if anyone has answers
I accessed your site several times with several different browsers, and didn't see any problem at all. The word crash may have a different meaning for different people. Exactly what do you mean by crash? Is it the browser crashing or the whole PC? Because you have a free site, your always going to have advertisements. The only way to get rid of them is to upgrade to paid hosting. But I don't know what you mean about a "dialer".

0catch has no need to put anything on your computers. But, sometimes the advertisers try to slip in some kind of download. As soon as someone complains, the advertisement is usually discarded. However, your computers should be protected from anyone trying to download anything and your popup blocker should always be turned on. This will eliminate most of the problems that a free site might cause.

For me, the most common annoyance is the Active-x downloads. When you don't have their application installed, they try to install it on your PC. If your browser is set to never allow active-x downloads, you will get an annoying message about it. Sometimes that message will not go away, until you agree to download or manually end your browser process using the Task Manager. I always opt to end the browser process.
by crashing i mean the whole computers would crash the ads arent a problem. What happened to the computers was files started becoming corrupt and it wouldn't let me access any of my programs, after a while, like a week or so, the whole thing was shot. Thanks for the help though, i hope i can figure out what is happening
i open a new website i don't know what to do in makeing a free shopping and upgrading my site?
how can i From
there you will be taken to your user manager where you will be able
to add counters, guestbooks, and other site tools to your site. You
will be able to upload files as well as copy,move,edit and delete
files within your site. There will be comprehensive help information
provided in the user manager to help beginners get your site up and
running as quickly as possible.

Sorry, I didn't notice your posting sooner. If you have a question on a different topic, you should start a new thread. Otherwise, you posting can get lost among all the others.

I'm really not sure what you are asking about. It sounds like your asking how to add all the free stuff they advertise that is available to users.

Once you register for a web site, free or paid, all of these free tools are available through a "Website Tools" link in your User Manager. But things may not be what they appear to be. There is always a catch to something that is offered for free. Usually you get a trimmed down version of the service that they offer at a price. Advertisements are usually all over these services or the service is only a trial for 30 days. If you don't pay up, the service expires after the 30 days.

But maybe you mean something else. A little more explanation would be good.
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