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Full Version: getting more stars?
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umm, I'm a member with two stars, how do i get more?!?!?
Actually, I don't remember. Administrators, Moderators and Staff get higher star ratings because of their access. For most users, the number of stars is usually related to your number of posts.

I set this forum up several months ago and don't remember exactly where the breakpoint is. I'm on travel right now and don't have the time to dig that info out of the configuration. I will have the time in the next few days. I will get back to you.

In the mean time, don't go overboard with posts, just to get a few more stars.
I checked the configuration and this is the breakdown.

Newbie - Minimum Posts: 0 - 1 Star
Junior Member - Minimum Posts: 1 - 2 Stars
Member - Minimum Posts: 50 - 3 Stars
Senior Member - Minimum Posts: 250 - 4 Stars
Posting Freak - Minimum Posts: 750 - 5 Stars
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