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Full Version: DownGrading
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Wonder if anyone can help:
I am using two very old PC's mainly just for mucking about, trying and testing for a PC course.
What I want to know one of the PC's I have is using Windows XP Pro with service pack 2. The other is the same but is a earler version than service pack 2.

What I need to know is, how can I down grade the PC with service pack 2 to the pc that has the earler version.

I do have a Windows XP disk that is fitted the earler version PC.

Wonder if anyone can help is, can I down grade the PC with service pack 2 to become the same as the PC without service pack 2. When I loan the Windows XP disk onto the PC with service pack, it says cannot downgrade to earler version.

Question, Can I do this, and if so can someone tell me how. Its part of this PC course I am doing.

If it's easer please email at:

Thank you all
I wouldn't expect a really good answer from anyone in this forum. A better fit would be MicroSoft forum. And don't tell them it's for a class. People don't like doing homework for others.

My expertise is on high end Unix servers running various versions of Solaris, but this would be my thoughts.

If the service pack was part of the original installation CD, you probably won't be able to de-install it. Then your only option will be to re-install using the disk with the earlier version of the service pack.

But if it was added as an update, there may be a chance. When you installed the update, you should have been asked if you wanted to back up your system first. If you answered yes, you should find a un-install program in "C:/WINNT". I have never tried it myself, but "they say" that un-install program should back out the update. It would be a problem for me because I have about 30 un-install programs in that directory, and I don't know which one is which.
Martin E. Meserve

Very many thanks for your help, Martin I think I can under. However the problem and issue is now changed. This time a friend came me his 'window xp pro, with sp2 disk' He told me to run this copy, and it would reboot and start loaning as new. He also told me the disk does not need 'no key req' (gather thats the cert code number). However I tryed it, and of course it did not work, it called for the key code numbers. I spoke to the friend he said he never had to put any numbers in, it just worked.

Suppose my next question is, does anyway know anyway round this problem, without contacting windows etc.
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